Residential Construction

Keystone has built over 300 homes including customized, luxury estates. In today’s market it is important that you balance knowledge, building experience and budgetary vigilance when building a home. Many people find building a home is cumbersome and few are pleased with the end results. They either go over budget or have complaints with timelines and expectations. Keystone Development will work with you to balance all of your needs and meet your expectations.

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Commercial Construction

Keystone Development is a seasoned company that has completed multiple commercial projects. These projects showcase the diversification of skills, project management and seasoned construction experience. Our commercial portfolio includes complex projects such as large senior facility living facilities and expansive retail dealerships such as Camping World.

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Residential & Commercial Remodeling

Remodeling requires a vast set of skill sets. It requires the ability to transform “what is” into “what could be.” Many homeowners find themselves living in outdated homes that no longer meet the needs of their family or a modern day appeal. These homes require a new layout that suits today’s needs and adds value. Keystone Development’s experience in transformation makes it one of the Valley’s most reputable remodeling experts. Our ability to look at the structural elements and incorporate a modern
feel and openness that many of the older homes lack sets us apart from other remodeling contractors. Our portfolio consists of early century farmhouses that have been renovated to homes that require modernization in particular areas, such as bath amenities and other key elements.
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Senior Facility Construction

Senior Facility Construction requires a vast array of skill sets due to the project complexity. This industry requires knowledge in regulatory guidelines, site architecture, and complex living accommodations. Keystone Development is one of the Valley’s leading providers in senior living facilities. Our experience in the specialization of this industry provides us with extensive construction and development knowledge that positively impacts the critical building criteria needed to make these projects a success.

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Senior Facility Remodeling

Many senior facilities are outdated and lack the amenties required to entice new residents. Keystone Development has extensive experience in this market and has completed new and remodeling renovations. Specific skill sets are required along with a deep understanding of seniors needs and regulatory compliances.

Construction Consulting

Construction consulting on both a residential and commercial side is a critical element to project success. Many find themselves riddled with cost overruns, architectural plan issues (plans don’t equate to conceptual ideas), contractor and subcontractor problems and many other issues. Construction consulting can be one of the most cost effective solutions to ensuring your project stays within budget, timelines and expectations. It also includes the vetting of contractors and sub-contractors, as their experience determines the ability to deliver a quality project. Keystone Development, with our 20 years of experience, has created a propriety solution that allows their clients to obtain their project goals. This solution prevents many of timeline and cost issues that arise.

Restoration Cleanup

The need for restoration cleanup is typically the result of a traumatic incident. Often times, a business or home has been victimized by fire, water, wine, construction or other unforeseeable issues. Restoration cleanup requires the combination of state-of-the-art technology reconstructive services and efficiency. Keystone Development has built a solution that minimizes the life disruption while addressing the immediate needs of the customer.

Handicap Retrofit Housing

More and more seniors are opting to make their home as comfortable as possible in their retirements years. Many find it is cost effective to retrofit their home to meet the needs of their current age. Keystone Development is knowledgeable in solutions designed for handicap and senior needs. Your home should be a place of comfort where you can complete your daily tasks in ease and find enjoyment.