Client Experience

A letter from Mark & Cherri Barrick

We had just returned from a vacation in Hawaii to find that our house was flooded. We immediately contacted our insurance company and they had a firm come out to soak up the water and dry out our home. At the same time the firm gave us a quote to do the restoration. After talking with a friend he suggested that we get multiple quotes.

I contacted Brent Lane the owner of Keystone and was immediately impressed when I visited with him. He walked through the damaged areas and pointed out several things that the mitigation company could have done differently. He talked with my wife and I about upgrades and suggested that now was a good time to be able to do some of the things we had always wanted to do to our home.

The bonus was that after he quoted us the cost of the restoration with the upgrades, it still came in less than what both of the other companies had quoted us for just the basic work. We hired Keystone and never looked back. Throughout the process there was a lot of give and take as you can imagine. There were many questions to be answered and Keystone’s team was right alongside us the whole way. In fact, he even went over to Home Depot with us to help pick out carpet and other things and the Home Depot representative suggested how rare that kind of service was.

We have now had the work complete for approximately six months and we love our new home. I would highly recommend anybody that is looking to do a construction job to contact Brent and Keystone for a quote.